Sunday, December 27, 2009 States with expanded health coverage fight bill

States with expanded health coverage fight bill
NYT: States that have already broadly expanded health care coverage say the Senate overhaul bill unfairly penalizes them in favor of states that have done little or nothing.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A couple of Christmas thoughts....

Once again its late and I should be in bed but I wanted to get a few thoughts out.

First, for a little while now I've been pondering the difference of living a Christ-like life vs. living a life like Christ. Perhaps there isn't really a difference or maybe its just that there is a better way to say this, who knows. My thoughts have been simply that there is no way for me to live a perfect life, such as Christ did. However, I can live my life in a manner that is similar to his. I can try to be a good person to EVERYONE around me and not just those that I feel deserve it or those that I want to do good to. I've been thinking a lot about the service opportunities that I may pass up by trying to do too many things for everyone. This may sound contradicting to prior thoughts but am I really taking care of those who need my assistance or am I taking care of those whom I want to help?

The other thought I wanted to share was one I heart tonight that struck a chord with me. "That Christmas, many years ago, Jesus came to us as a child. This year, may we do the same.". That's been on my mind this evening some. Am I as meek and humble with regards to certain aspects of me life as I need to be? Perhaps I'll never know but for now, I will try.

May the coming Christmas day be filled with the interactions and moments which you desire and which will provide you, and those around you, the opportunity to make treasured memories.

Merry Christmas

Andy Lovell
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