Sunday, May 4, 2008


Its about 8:30 and we're approaching I-90.

Driving through the wine country was very impressive. From someone who doesn't drink, the asthetic appeal was incredible as we saw some vineyards that seemed to be perfectly pruned while there were plenty of others that weren't hardly cared for at all. The ones that were well kept had very defined branches and immaculate grounds and while it was appearent there was quite a bit of work involved to maintain that quality, it certainly paid off. It's easy to assume that those vineyards produce a high quality product and regardless of the actual fruit itself, one comparing the two vineyards would easily feel more comfortable purchasing product from a well kept vineyard than one not kept as well. Though its true that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, "a cover" can often be a good indicator of the fruit that will be or has been borne. May we all be a well kept vineyard and let our divine creator, whatever you may call him or her, prune our lives to reflect the fruit that we would like others to see, show forth bold and true!
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